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Cardiac Biomechanics Lab »  Collaborators »  Collaborators »  Mohammad Mofrad, PhD
Mohammad Mofrad, PhD
Mohammad R.K. Mofrad, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

208A Stanley Hall, UC Berkeley
mailcode: 1762
Phone: (510) 643-8165
Fax: (510) 642-5835

Mohammad Mofrad received his BASc from the University of Technology, Iran in 1991.  He continued his education and received his MASc in 1994  from the University of Waterloo, then his PhD in 1999 from University of Toronto, Canada.

His professional experience includes Post Doc positions from the University of Toronto (1999-2000), Harvard Medical School and MIT (both 2000-2002).  He joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 2005 where he continues to teach and do research, winning him awards like the 2005 University of California Regents' Junior Faculty Fellow award and the 2008 Hellman Faculty Fund Award.

His research interests include: 1) To understand the principles underlying cellular mechanics, rheology, and mechanotransduction, (2) To understand the multiscale biomechanical processes underlying cardiovascular tissue mechanotransduction involved in diseases like aortic valve calcification and arterial atherosclerosis.

Selected Publications and Links

Karcher H, Lammerding J, Huang H, Lee RT, Kamm RD, Kaazempur Mofrad MR. A three-dimensional viscoelastic model for cell deformation with experimental verification. Biophysical J. 2003 Nov;85(5):3336-49.

Kolahi KS, Mofrad MR. Molecular mechanics of filamin's rod domain. Biophysical Journal 2008 Feb 1;94(3):1075-83.

Lee SE, Chunsrivirot S, Kamm RD, Mofrad MR. Molecular Dynamics Study of Talin-Vinculin Binding. Biophys J. 2008 Aug. 15. 

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